Cleaning and Degreasing

Heavy equipment, engines, and HVAC maintenance demands durable and chemical resistant sprayers—Chapin offers a line of sprayers built to meet those demands. Designed to withstand industrial-grade chemicals, cleaners, de-greasers and bleach solutions, Chapin sprayers are synonymous with results.

No matter which sprayer you choose, you can be assured you are getting a sprayer that meets our exacting standards of quality, value, versatility and durability. With Chapin’s well-known and responsive technical customer service team behind our products, you have the best support in the industry. We pledge to continue our commitment to unmatched product quality and service—which Chapin has been known and recognized for worldwide since 1884.

Industrial / professional cleaning and degreasing

Equipped with Xtreme® seals, Chapin sprayers perform time after time for maintenance of your heavy equipment.

Janitorial / sanitation applications

Perfect for the professional or homeowner, our janitorial and sanitation line has foamers and sprayers designed to handle a variety of industrial and domestic cleaning needs. When used with the corresponding foaming agents and our foaming nozzle, our foamers deliver with precision, ensuring the coverage you need.

Mold remediation

Specifically designed for bleach solutions, our bleach backpack and hand-held sprayers are an excellent tool in the arsenal for mold management.

With proper cleaning after each use, our sprayers will provide you with years of service, and if you ever need replacement parts, our customer service team will be happy to help you.

As with all chemicals, please check chemical manufacturer’s instructions for mixing, use, disposal and safety.