Pest Control

Pest control professionals and homeowners can rely on Chapin for sprayers designed to get the job done. Featuring stainless steel tanks, our patented Tri-Lock® pump handle for pressure-tight seals, and dripless shut-offs for precise application control, our sprayers are functional and pesticide resistant. Discover our full line of professional pest control sprayers and general purpose pest control sprayers, dusters and foggers.

No matter which sprayer you choose, you can be assured you are getting a sprayer that meets our exacting standards of quality, value, versatility and durability. With Chapin’s well-known and responsive technical customer service team behind our products, you have the best support in the industry. We pledge to continue our commitment to unmatched product quality and service—which Chapin has been known and recognized for worldwide since 1884.


Durability and precision are keys for the professional pest control specialist. Stainless steel tanks that stand up to the toughest pesticides, and dripless shut-offs for precise application where you need it most. Our sprayers also accommodate many pest control nozzle attachments.


Dusters for delicate plants, foggers for mosquitos, sprayers and foamers for more controlled applications—inside or out, we have a sprayer suitable for you.

Farm and agriculture

From professional models to general pest control sprayers, we have a sprayer to help you protect your barn and livestock from nagging pests.

With proper cleaning after each use, our sprayers will provide you with years of service, and if you ever need replacement parts, our customer service team will be happy to help you.

As with all chemicals, please check chemical manufacturer’s instructions for mixing, use, disposal and safety.