Turf and Agriculture

Whether you are managing a golf course, running a farm or being a backyard weekend warrior, our line of sprayers and spreaders is designed for industrial and general purpose herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to keep your lawn and garden well maintained, home, business or livestock pest-free and your harvest healthy.

Chapin has a variety of specialty sprayers and spreaders that are ideal for turf and agriculture management. This line offers everything to maintain lawns and gardens, delicate plants, ornamentals, fruit trees and even sprayers that work upside down.

No matter which sprayer you choose, you can be assured you are getting a sprayer that meets our exacting standards of quality, value, versatility and durability. With Chapin’s well-known and responsive technical customer service team behind our products, you have the best support in the industry. We pledge to continue our commitment to unmatched product quality and service—which Chapin has been known and recognized for worldwide since 1884.


From small dusters to large 55-gallon drum pumps, Chapin has a sprayer for most professional lawn, turf, or farming applications. Equipped to handle common industrial and general-duty herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, our innovative backpack, ATV, and hand-held sprayers cover all the bases. See our full line-up for the one that is right for you.


Just like the professional sprayers, Chapin offers sprayers with the same focus on quality that address the same applications for the homeowner and weekend gardener. Our sprayers are designed to work with common herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Using concentrated chemicals is more cost-effective, and ideal for the cost-conscious consumer. We have the right sprayer for your project and your budget.


Rugged powder-coated steel or stainless steel frames, fully pneumatic tires, poly and stainless steel hoppers that deliver seeds, fertilizers and salt/ice melt the durable Pro Series spreaders withstand the elements that Turf and Maintenance professionals come up against daily in all types of weather.

With proper cleaning after each use, our sprayers will provide you with years of service, and if you ever need replacement parts, our customer service team will be happy to help you.

As with all chemicals, please check chemical manufacturer’s instructions for mixing, use, disposal and safety.