ATV and Tow Sprayers

Chapin EZ Tow™ and EZ Mount™ 12-volt sprayers offer larger capacity and greater portability. Available in 15- and 25-gallon capacities, EZ Mount sprayers easily mount to any ATV, garden or lawn tractor. EZ Tow models are mounted to steel frames supported by heavy-duty steel rims with pneumatic tires. Deluxe models feature Chapin Dripless Trigger Grip Shut-Offs and include manifolds for switching between boom nozzle extensions and shut-offs for spot spraying.

EZ Mount Spot Sprayer Features (15- and 25-gallon capacities)



Spray Wand with Adjustable Nozzle

The 18-inch poly wand features an adjustable nozzle to achieve the correct spray for the job. A lock on/off switch on the handle is convenient, safe, and helps to reduce dripping of product when sprayer is not in use.


Triple Filtration System

The combined power of the filter basket, inlet tube filter, and wand filter, ensures that debris doesn't clog the nozzle, providing a reliable spray pattern at all times and extending the life of the sprayer.


Extra-Large Tank Opening

5 inch wide tank opening for easily filling and mixing solutions.


Wand Clips

Convenient wand clips allow spray wand to be stored when not in use.

EZ Mount Deluxe Sprayer Features (15- and 25-gallon capacities)



Professional Dripless Shut-off

Chapin's #1 Shut-off, the 19-inch pistol grip dripless shut-off, features a brass wand with adjustable nozzle, and virtually eliminates the chance of drips on unwanted areas and wasted product. Professionals and homeowners alike will reap the benefits of this amazing feature. Because the shut-off takes place at the nozzle tip, there is no extra discharge left in the wand. All brass internal components ensure durability over the life of our sprayer. Equipped with Viton® Xtreme™ seals, and durable ergonomic poly trigger grip design allows for fatique-free application.


Multipurpose Manifold

These sprayers feature a manifold which connects the dripless shut-off with one extra port to be used to easily attach a boom or boomless accessory for covering large areas quickly. The attached pressure gauge is large enough to read from the seat of an ATV, UTV, or lawn tractor. The manifold also features a hose that helps circulate the liquid within the tank to keep particles from settling on the bottom of the tank.

Chapin accessories can easily be added

Also available:

  • Mounting Bracket to mount Chapin ATV sprayers to an ATV or garden tractor (also allows for an addition of boom accessories)
  • 2-nozzle boom with coverage up to 15 feet
  • Boomless single nozzle attachment for coverage up to 17 feet wide without the extended boom arms that protrude


Reinforced Hose

Our sprayers come with 15 feet of hose to get the hard-to-reach areas. Reinforced hose was specifically selected for its ability to stand up to wear and tear.

EZ Tow Sprayer Features (15- and 25-gallon capacities)



All Deluxe Sprayer Features


Heavy-Duty Frame

Our deluxe ATV sprayer sits atop a durable steel frame, and features pneumatic tires that enable the trailer to easily travel over uneven ground. The adjustable hitch makes hookup a breeze.


3-Nozzle Boom Included

The tri-fold spray boom easily mounts to the trailer and achieves a 7-foot spray pattern. Simply fold up the arms when not in use for easy storage.