Backpack Sprayers

Chapin has quickly become a leader of backpack sprayer innovations. Professionals and homeowners alike have quickly turned to Chapin for backpack sprayers for the quality and combined features that make it easy to choose a sprayer that fits their specific applications.

Chapin Professional Turf and Landscape models withstand the daily abuse of commercial wear and tear. Their innovative features and rugged design makes them favorites for landscapers. The ProSeries models are designed with flexibility in mind, making them great for lawn and garden, household use and pest control applications.

The 63900 Commercial Duty Backpack Sprayer features a Wide Mouth™ opening, an enclosed piston / diaphragm design, and JetClean™ self-cleaning filters—making this backpack sprayer uniquely ground-breaking, with its combination of innovative features.

Chapin's cutting-edge backpack manufacturing process is a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System, guaranteeing the highest quality backpack sprayers in the industry.

Examine the full line of Chapin backpack sprayers…there's one that's right for you.

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JetClean™ Self-Cleaning Filter

Exclusive with the 63900 Commercial Duty Backpack Sprayer. Each downstroke of the pump handle produces a burst of spray across the in-tank removable filter, keeping it from filming over and keeping sediment from entering the pump cylinder.


Padded Straps and Support

Choose your level of comfort with padded straps, lumbar support options, and back pads.


Enclosed Piston / Diaphragm

Featured only on the 63900, a combined piston-over-diaphragm pump. Because it is internal to the tank, it produces higher PSI and is virtually leak proof.


Swing-Away Pump Handle

Available on models 61950 and 62000, the swing-away handle allows for easy storage and is ambidextrous.


WideMouth™ Design

Chapin WideMouth™ backpacks feature a 6-inch opening with oversized strainer basket, as well as a cap with built-in carry handle with wand storage.


Large Caps with High-Quality Seals

Chapin backpacks have a unique seal built into the strainer basket that makes a positive seal between the tank and the cap to assure that sprayer contents won't leak down the user's back.


Large Strainer Baskets

Chapin backpack sprayers include large strainer baskets. (first stage of filtration system)


Multi-Stage Filtration Systems

Chapin backpack sprayers have multiple filter stages that keep debris and chemical build-up from disrupting spray.

Chemical Resistant Seals and Gaskets

Each Chapin sprayer is fitted with the appropriate type of gaskets, seals and O-rings to assure the longest life possible for the sprayer. Viton® and Nitrile seals and O-rings are used where appropriate.