Hand Pump Sprayers

Since 1884, Chapin has manufactured superior compressed air sprayers for both professional and home use. Our most revered sprayer in the concrete industry—the 1949—has been called the "famous red can." It is well known among concrete professionals for its reliability, performance and long standing reputation to perform. You will see these sprayers in the backs of trucks, on job sites, and just about anywhere cement work is being done.

Our lawn and garden sprayers are a staple to have around the house for cleaning, fertilizing, controlling weeds, spraying for pests and countless other uses.

No matter what you must spray, there is a Chapin sprayer that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.



SureSpray™ In-tank Anti-Clog Filter

Chapin sprayers are fitted with a SureSpray™ Anti-Clog Filter that virtually keeps debris from disrupting the flow to the nozzle allowing you to spray longer (not available on Chapin deck sprayers).


Chemical Resistant Seals and Gaskets

Each Chapin Sprayer is fitted with the appropriate type Gaskets, Seals and O-rings that assures the longest life possible for the sprayer. Viton®, Viton® Xtreme™, C.O.P.T., Nitrile, and EPDM seals and O-rings are used where appropriate.


TriPoxy Coated Steel Tanks

Chapin steel tanks are lined with a TriPoxy coating for maximum resistance against chemicals.