Specialty Spreaders

With Chapin's garden seeder, the homeowner can easily plant rows and rows of various seeds with precision and efficiency.

Garden Seeder Features



Lightweight durable frame

A lightweight, durable powder-coated steel frame makes the garden seeder a breeze to use.


Six changeable seed plates

Plant 20 varieties of seeds with our six changeable seed plates.


Row marker

The 30-inch steel row marker gives you the flexibility to select your desired row width. The aluminum blades move easily through the soil to mark the row. When the marker is not in use, it secures in place with a clip.


3-step seeding process

Seeding is easy with our 3 step seeding process. First, the adjustable ground breaker on the Chapin garden seeder creates a hole. Then, a seed drops and the plow covers the hole. To complete the process, the wide rear wheel works to pat soil into place, aiding in successful germination.