Snow & Ice

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Chapin 82108B 100-Pound Professional Salt and Ice Melt Spreader

Spreader - Model #82108B

  • 100-Pound capacity hopper with enclosed gear system with grease fitting to withstand the elements, supported by a rugged stainless steel frame
  • Recommended for use with salt, halite/ice melt
  • Innovative gate control, make gate changes from the handle
  • Spiked auger tears up clumps
  • Includes a protective rain/snow cover
  • Front and side baffle system for precise control of the spread pattern
  • 14-inch pneumatic tires for stability over uneven terrain

Chapin 82500 100-Pound Stainless Steel Professional Salt Spreader

Spreader - Model #82500

  • 100-Pound Stainless Steel Professional Salt Spreader has a large one-piece hopper with rolled edges
  • Rugged stainless steel frame
  • Solid linkage for full gate control
  • Enclosed metal gears with grease fitting
  • Spiked auger tears up clumps
  • Baffle system for edge control and pneumatic tires for just about any terrain. It also comes with grate and rain cover

    Chapin 84150 1.5-Liter Poly Hand Crank Spreader

    Spreader - Model #84150

    • 1.5-Liter / 92-Cubic Inch capacity scoop spreader
    • Compatible with fertilizer, seeds and salt / ice-melt
    • Easy-crank design
    • Lightweight and easy to maintain
    • Great for small areas