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Chapin 8003A 70-Pound Residential Salt Spreader with Baffles

Spreader - Model #8003A

    • U-Shaped handle for easy operation
    • Powder coated steel frame for a long lasting durable finish
    • Adjustable side and front baffles for directional control of spread
    • Adjustable opening for spreading a broad range of product
    • Spiked auger for less clumping
    • Adjustable gate control for accurate spread settings
    • 9" pneumatic tires for better traction against snow and ice
    • Enclosed gears prevents debris from interfering with the application

    Chapin 8500B 200-Pound Stainless Steel Professional Rock Salt Drop Spreader

    Spreader - Model #8500B

    • 36 inch deep drawn Stainless Steel hopper (seamless with no welds) 

    • 200 pound capacity (2.2 cu ft)

    • Discharge holes located behind the wheels for a full 36 inch drop width

    • Independent left and right solid linkage gate controls

    • Drive Train: Split axle - Wheels drive left and right agitators independently to break up salt.

    • Stainless steel drive chains resist corrosion and provide unfailing torque to destroy clumps of salt

    • 3rd idler wheel for easy maneuvering

    • 12” wide tread pneumatic tires for maximum traction

    Chapin 82400B 100-Pound Professional Salt Spreader

    Spreader - Model #82400B

    • 100-Pound Professional Salt Spreader with Wide-Mouth hopper
    • Rugged stainless steel frame
    • Solid linkage for full gate control
    • Stainless "Guillotine" Gate to shear clumps of rock salt
    • Enclosed metal gears with grease fitting
    • Spiked auger tears up clumps
    • Baffle system for edge control and pneumatic tires for just about any terrain