Chapin 8500B 200-Pound Stainless Steel Professional Rock Salt Drop Spreader


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Chapin's professional salt spreaders are designed and built to provide you superior performance.

With all of the features and functionality needed for reliability and efficiency, you'll be using this spreader season after season. Our 8500B 200-Pound (90.7 kg) stainless steel professional rock salt drop spreader has a large one-piece hopper with rolled edges, a rugged stainless steel frame, solid linkage for full gate control, chain-driven agitators to minimize clumping and improve product flow, and 14-inch (35.56 cm) pneumatic tires to cover just about any terrain.

  • 36-inch (91.4 cm) deep drawn Stainless Steel hopper (seamless with no welds) 200-pound (90.7 kg) capacity
  • Discharge holes located behind the wheels for a full 36-inch (91.4 cm) drop width
  • Independent left and right solid linkage gate controls
  • Drive train - split axle, wheels drive left and right agitators independently to break up salt
  • Stainless steel drive chains resist corrosion and provide unfailing torque to destroy clumps of salt
  • Third idler wheel for easy maneuvering Pneumatic tires for maximum traction
  • Recommended for small and pelletized particulates: salt, ice melt, halite, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride
  • Recommended for large particulates, inconsistent in size: rock salt and ice melt


      Applications: Rock Salt, Ice Melt


      Chapin Product Manual graphic - red book with Product Manual

      Chapin 8500B Product Manual


      Storage & Maintenance

      • When finished spreading empty hopper of any remaining material
      • Thoroughly wash spreader with a garden hose after each use. Some ice melt products, such as magnesium chloride will cause rusting to any stainless steel in wet conditions.
      • Be careful not to spray directly in the gearbox
      • It is recommended you DO NOT use a power washer on your spreader
      • Clean the drive chains with a soft cloth or brush and a solvent containing Mineral Spirits to remove dirt and grime. Re-lubricate the chains using a non-detergent petroleum-based oil with a viscosity of SAE 20 to 40. Chains should be cleaned and lubricated at least once a month. 
      • Allow to fully dry before storing
      • Check tires for proper inflation after storing spreader for long periods. Inflate to 20 psi. 
      NOTE: Regardless of the material used, spreaders should be cleaned out after every use to ensure a lifetime of service. Some materials are much more aggressive oxidizers than others.  Magnesium chloride will rust any stainless or mild steel materials in wet conditions in a matter of days.  Calcium chloride is less aggressive but will rust stainless or mild steel in a matter of weeks.  The ice melting chlorides are normally used when temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit or in ‘pet safe’ or ‘environmentally friendly’ ice melt products. Regular rock salt or calcium will take a couple of months to cause rust.  This is why it is important to wash out after each and every use.



      Replacement Parts

      Ref. # Qty Part No. Description
      1 1 6-8062 Handle grips
      2 1 6-8281 Gate control assembly
      3 1 6-9078 Wheels with Hardware
      4 1 6-8275 Axel bearings
      5 1 6-8276 Gate drive kit
      6 1 6-8277 Auger bearing kit
      7 1 6-8278 Auger assembly
      8 1 6-8279 Caster
      1 6-8283 Slide gate hardware

      Not all parts are available for purchase on our website. Please call Customer Service to order parts if you don't see your part listed. 1-800-444-3140

      8500B Replacement Parts 

      Technical Specs

      Model Number 8500B
      Hopper Construction stainless steel
      Hopper Capacity 200 lb (90.7 kg)
      Frame Type unibody
      Frame Construction stainless steel
      Handle Type t-handle with rubber grips
      Handle Material stainless steel
      Gate Control adjustable lever
      Linkage stainless steel
      Gear Construction metal alloy
      Gear Box enclosed
      Agitator Type dual grinder
      Baffle none
      Impeller none
      Grate none
      Rain Cover none
      Axle Material metal alloy
      Wheel Size 14 in (35.56 cm)
      Wheels pneumatic
      Item Dim. In. (LxWxH) 58 in x 29 in x 29 in
      Item Weight In Pounds 75.5 (34.25 kg)
      Warranty 5-year limited