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Questions on landscaping and gardening? What Chapin products should you be using? Which grass is in your region? What's the grass care schedule in your region? You've got questions, and we're here to help.

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Evergreen tree

Indoor Plants - Evergreens

Evergreens are not just seasonal house plants. If taken care of, it's a hearty year-round plant.

  1. Sunlight - these trees love light
  2. Make sure it gets enough light on each side by rotating it occasionally
  3. Water - not too much because these plants need to drain properly
  4. A steady indoor temp is important
  5. Fertilize with indoor plant food
  6. Trim as needed

Rock Salt/Halite vs. Ice Melt/Calcium Chloride

 Rock Salt/Halite Ice Melt/Calcium Chloride
Colorless, white, light or dark blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, gray (color equals impurity with sodium chloride) Colorless or white
Temperature to 15-25 degrees F Temperature to -20 degrees F
Melts ice slower Melts ice faster, forms brine and generates chemical heat
Surface stays dry Surface stays wet
Corrosive Non-corrosive 
Harmful to vegetation  Not as harmful to vegetation
Harmful to animals Harmful to animals
Less expensive and readily available, except during extreme conditions More expensive


The bedroom and bathroom: two rooms in your home that benefit from having plants.

Jade is great in a bedroom because it's usually the coldest room in the house.Jade plants love the sun and dry soil. If you keep a room cooler, it enjoys temps as low as 55 degrees. Want some green in your bathroom? Aloe. It loves the humidity and and use it for first aid when needed. Add some liquid fertilizer to your Chapin sprayer and keep them healthy year-round.


Indoor gardening - couch in room with plants - improves air quality and grow fresh veggies and herbs year-round
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