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Simplify and improve the way you care for your lawn, gardens and flowers with our HydroFeed line of fertilizer injectors.

Enjoy lush plantings, picture perfect lawns and productive vegetable gardens by simply turning on your faucet. Assembly and filling is quick and easy and your plants get precise measurements of their favorite food.



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Different than a Hose-end Sprayer

HydroFeed works differently than a standard hose-end sprayer. A standard hose-end sprayer pulls the chemical up and out, emptying the tank. HydroFeed adds water back into the tank as your chemical is being pulled out. Because your chemical has a higher density than water, it sits on the bottom of the tank. Our outlet tube reaches the bottom of the tank so when clean water is being added to the tank, it stays on top of your chemical mix. You don’t have to worry about your chemical being diluted as it’s fed through the outlet tube. This is why the tank turns clear after your chemical runs out.