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Pick the right tool. Chapin Professional and Contractor spreaders

Chapin's professional and contractor spreaders provide superior performance with exceptional value. SureSpread® technology ensures an even spread pattern and consistent distribution of product.

Chapin professional spreaders are built to provide landscape professionals with the features and functionality needed to perform their jobs with precision and speed from season to season. Whether spreading seed and fertilizer in the spring, or loading the large capacity hopper with ice-melt in the winter, Chapin has heavy-duty, all-season spreaders for the demanding landscape professional.

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Professional Spreader Features

80-pound and 100-pound capacities

Chapin Professional Spreader Frame
Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel & Powder Coated Frames
Heavy-duty stainless steel frames provide long-lasting full support of the hopper at its base. Our frames are built to last and can take the wear and tear that comes with professional jobs.
Chapin Professional Spreader Baffle
Side Baffle
Maintain directional control of product distribution with the side baffle. For a professional application every time, adjust the baffle to control the spread when alongside flower beds or pavement.
Chapin Professional Spreader Wheels
Rugged Fully Pneumatic Tires
12" or 14" Fully pneumatic tires provide stability over uneven terrain. Your Chapin spreader will go where you need it to go.
Chapin Professional Spreader Handle
Comfortable T-Handle 
Spread comfortably longer thanks to a T-shaped handle with soft comfort grips. The T-handle design puts gate control at your fingertips, while the innovative diamond-shaped tubing eliminates the risk of the handle slipping out of place when loaded to capacity.
Chapin Professional Spreader Hopper
Fully Supported Hopper
A durable steel frame runs along the bottom portion of the hopper base so you can feel confident that no matter what material you're pouring in the spreader, it can bear the load.
Chapin Professional Spreader Gearbox
Durable, Enclosed Metal Gears
The gears that power our push spreaders are enclosed in order to withstand the elements. Our Professional spreaders feature heavy-duty metal gears, for ultimate durability.
Chapin Professional Spreader Rain Cover
Grate & Rain Cover
Reduce the risk of clumping and improve the flow of material with our grate. The rain cover will help protect material in the hopper from rain or snow. It will also reduce the risk of moisture getting into the product you're spreading.