Chapin 97408B 25-Gallon 12v EZ Mount Brine Spot Sprayer

Chapin 97408B 25-Gallon 12v EZ Mount Brine Spot Sprayer


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PrintWarning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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  • Compatible with pre-treat and de-icing solutions
  • 2.2 GPM, 12-volt diaphragm pump and double filtration system
  • 18-inch spray wand, adjustable poly nozzle and shut-off with lock-on/off feature
  • 15-foot reinforced hose
  • Manifold with pressure gauge for easy attachment of accessories
  • 6-inch wide opening and filter basket for mess-free mixing and eliminating debris from entering tank
  • 25-Gallon chemical-resistant tank with drain plug
  • 16’ Boomless spray kit


  • Pretreat & De-Ice Solutions

Product Summary

The Chapin EZ Mount Spot Sprayer has been easily configured to mount to your standard ATV, UTV or lawn tractor. The EZ Mount has a 25-gallon heavy-duty, translucent, chemical resistant tank with a 6-inch wide tank opening for easy filling and mixing. Featuring a 2.2 gpm, 12-volt diaphragm pump with quick connect alligator clips, maximum pressure of 70 psi delivering a 38-ft. max vertical spray and a 26-ft. max horizontal spray. Manifold with pressure gauge. A double filtration system extends the life of the sprayer.


Technical Specs

Model Number 97408B
Tank Size 25-gallon
Tank Mouth Opening 6-inches
Tank Construction poly
Hose Length 15-foot
Hose Material reinforced hose
Shut-Off Material poly
Lock-On Feature lock on/off feature
Spray/Flow Rate (GPM) 2.2 gpm
Nozzle(s) adjustable poly-cone
Filters double filtration
Shipping Weight In Pounds 10.2
Extension Wand Material poly
PSI - Operating Pressure 70 psi
Motor Size 2.2 gpm 12-volt
Pump Type
Extension Wand Length
Spray Stream Max Vertical
up to 38-feet
Spray Stream Max Horiz.
up to 26-feet


*Spray distance is dependent on many factors such as adjusted nozzle orifice size, tank pressure, wind interference and angle of inclination. Spray distances may vary based on user's specific application.