20 Volt Backpack sprayer

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Great article from Matt Ship on Battery-powered backpack sprayers posted on Total Landscape Care. 

For the total article goto:  http://www.totallandscapecare.com/backpack-sprayer-reviews/

In this article Matt reviews 3 backpack sprayers, 

Hudson Model 13854
Solo Model 417
Chapin Model 63985

After a full assessment of each model based on specifications, weight, ease of use, and operating ease he concludes that the "Chapin Model 63985 is more similar in appearance, weight and functionality to traditional backpack sprayers but without the fatigue of pumping. The extra-wide, 6-inch opening in the tank is a bonus.

There is a definite benefit in the reduced weight of the lithium ion battery found in Chapin over the lead acid batteries of both Solo and Hudson. Weight becomes a factor the longer you are wearing the unit, and this is recognized by professionals who spend several hours daily using these sprayers.

An adjustable cone nozzle with the ability to offer a wide-pattern spray or pencil stream is a must. Neither accompanied the Solo or Hudson sprayers. This feature, combined with the observations above, gives the Chapin Model 63985 backpack sprayer the edge as the best overall value."

Matt Shipp earned his master’s in crop science and weed science from Stephen F. Austin State University and his bachelor’s degree in agronomy from Texas A&M University. Shipp Research provides a variety of chemical testing and analysis services, in addition to consulting services.

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