Chapin HydroFeeder irrigation accessories and fertlizer injectors 

Enjoy lush plantings, picture perfect lawns, and productive vegetable gardens by simply turning on your faucet.

Simplify and improve the way you care for your lawn, gardens, and flowers with Chapin's Hydrofeed line of fertilizer injectors. Assembly and filling is quick and easy. Precise measurements of your favorite plant food goes right where you want it.

Watering your garden and potted plants, filling the bird bath or washing your car? Your outdoor tasks are simple with Chapin’s heavy-duty adjustable garden hose nozzles. 

Save time, enjoy your yard more and conserve water. Chapin makes it easy and affordable to add a water timer to your home garden system. Water timers regulate the amount of water consumed and can comply with municipal watering restrictions.

Water your lawns and gardens with our sprinklers. Repair hoses instead of replacing them with our menders, repair kits and shut-offs.