Chapin International Environmental Policy

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Chapin International recognizes that protecting and maintaining the quality of the environment is an integral part of the company's operations.
It also acknowledges its duty to ensure that raw materials, products, and wastes are handled, transported, used, and disposed of safely and without unacceptable risk to the environment with proven sustainability. It is therefore the responsibility of all employees and the company itself to ensure that this is adhered to and specifically it shall
  1. Comply with all legal requirements and voluntary commitments established to protect the environment.
  2. Maintain proper records and documentation concerning activities relating to environmental matters.
  3. Respond positively to any expression of public concern or inquiry and investigate fully any substantive complaint.
  4. Promote an awareness of environmental protection associate with the operations among all employees and provide appropriate training to those responsible for implementing environmental control measures and for those whose particular areas have the potential to cause environmental damage.
  5. Furthermore Chapin is committed to continual improvement in the environmental performance of the company and shall to the best of its ability;
  6. Promote pollution prevention and take steps to conserve resources through energy conservation and recycling.
  7. Implement, maintain , and continuously improve an effective environmental management system. Regularly communicate our environmental performance with all employees and neighbors.


Chapin is ISO 14001:2015 certification. 14001:2015 Certificate


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Revision A

Date 9/30/2015