Indoor plants love extra humidity.

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Transition from fall to winter

Chapin spreaders withstand the elements and tackle the tough outside surfacesLearn More

Fertilize for fall

Easy application of fall and winter fertilizersLearn More

Chapin 8705A Hand Crank Spreader

For the small paths and walkwaysLearn More

The Clean Tank Spraying System

Keep your water and chemical concentrate separate - eliminate waste!Learn More

The Chapin Home and Garden family of sprayers includes everything from heavy-duty metal Tri-Poxy® and stainless steel sprayers to lightweight and durable polyethylene sprayers, small hand-held sprayers and ATV sprayers. We offer a sprayer for just about any application.

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Chapin industrial/construction/professional sprayers were designed with the help of chemical manufacturers and construction professionals with specific applications in mind. Heavy duty Tri-Poxy® lined steel, stainless steel and poly tanks are designed to stand up to the harshest industrial chemicals.

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Whether you are managing a golf course, running a farm or just being a backyard weekend warrior our line of sprayers and spreaders are designed for industrial and general purpose herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to keep your lawn and garden well maintained, home, business or livestock pest-free and your harvest healthy.

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Heavy equipment, engines and HV/AC maintenance demands durable and chemical resistant sprayers. Chapin offers a line of sprayers built to deliver. Designed to withstand industrial grade chemicals, cleaners, de-greasers and bleach solutions, Chapin is a name synonymous with results.

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Pest Control professionals and homeowners can rely on Chapin for sprayers designed to get the job done. Featuring stainless steel tanks, our patented Tri-lock® pump handle for pressure-tight seals and dripless shut-offs for precise application control, our sprayers are functional and pesticide resistant.

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Pest Control Categories

Winter is no match for Chapin spreaders. We have solutions that will help you manage the elements before, during and after the storm—all made from durable, weather-resistant materials, for years of winter maintenance.

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Types of Sprayers

Sprayers are a valuable tool for any homeowner and/or professional.  Not only for garden and ground maintenance, our sprayers are designed for concrete and agriculture.

Types of Spreaders

Chapin engineers and manufactures products specifically designed for lawn and ground maintenance, snow and ice, and for gardening.  Our spreaders meet the needs of every home owner and professional.

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We're committed to providing the tools and information you need to support the lasting value of your Chapin Products. We are committed to consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations in product performance, service and delivery.

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20 Volt Backpack sprayer

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