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Agriculture & Turf Products


Chapin SureSpray sprayer in lawn
Spraying to rid your yard of pesky weeds, fertilizing your prize-winning roses or stopping the beetles from feasting on your leaves? Cleaning off your patio furniture in the spring, disinfecting the bathroom tub and tile or staining your fence? We has the sprayer to fit your needs. Our sprayers are used in an around your home: fertilizing, pest and weed control, cleaning and disinfecting and spraying paints and stains.
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Chapin Backpack sprayer - turf & agriculture
Fertilizing, seeding or applying herbicide to a larger yard or acreage? Tall trees to spray or saving a collection of fruit trees from an infestation? From managing a golf course, running a farm or being a backyard weekend warrior, our sprayers and spreaders are used for general and industrial fertilizer and seed applications along with pest and weed control.
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Chapin Industrial Products

Staining, sealing or cleaning concrete? We manufacture industrial and concrete sprayers with Tri-Poxy® steel tanks to have triple-layer protection. Polyethylene tanks are also resistant to industrial chemicals. Wide mouth openings lessen splashing when filling and makes the tanks easier to clean after each use. Engineered seals and Gaskets with proven elastomers ensure a high level of chemical compatibility and our unique Tri-Lock mechanism keeps the pump cap tightly locked. 

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Chapin Pest Control Sprayers
Pests come in all shapes and sizes around your home and business: mice, rats, insects, and deer to name a few. Whatever you may be dealing with, we manufactures sprayers specifically for pest and insect control. A stainless steel tank and chemical resistant seals ensure a high level of chemical compatibility. Adjustable nozzles and drip-less shut-off gives you spray control and less mess with volatile chemicals. Metered hose end sprayers are ideal for broad applications like lawns and gardens.
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Chapin cleaning and degreasing sprayers
Consistent coverage of a chemical solution is key to tackling all tasks, cleaning all surfaces, and limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses. Heavy equipment, engines, and HVAC maintenance demands durable and chemical resistant sprayers. Our line of sprayers are built to withstand industrial grade chemicals, cleaners, degreasers, and bleach solutions. 
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