Acreage Life: June 2022

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Sprayers are essential tools for completing various tasks around your land and home, and Chapin Professional Farm & Field Sprayers help you get the job done.  This Chapin Proseries Sprayer line includes our 21240XP, (2 gallon), and 21250XP, (3 gallon), hand compression tank sprayers.  These sprayers are easy to use and designed for application of weed and pest control products, fungicides and fertilizers.  Translucent poly tanks allow monitoring of fluid levels and wide 4 inch openings make them easy to fill.  Brass extension wands, brass shut-offs, brass nozzles, fluoropolymer elastomer seals, and reinforced hoses will hold up to strong chemicals.  The shut-offs include a lock-on feature to prevent accidental discharge of chemicals and reduce fatigue while spraying. Long 42 inch hoses and 12 inch wands extend your reach. Turning the nozzle adjusts the spray from a fine mist to a coarse stream for flexibility when applying concentrate.  In-tank filters prevent debris from clogging your nozzle, shut-off and hose.  Pressure relief valves are incorporated into the tanks for safety.  Durable metal alloy handles are built into the tank caps and make it easy to transport the sprayers around your property. 

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