Chapin Backpack Sprayers Prove Superior Cleaning and Disinfecting Alternative to Conventional Off-The-Shelf Products

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The ongoing global pandemic has created a public health crisis without equal over the past century, disrupting daily routines, social life, and work activities. In this difficult environment, rigorous standards of hygiene, both personal and public, have become crucial for arresting the spread of the infection and resolving the crisis. While society as a whole has risen to the challenge, many households as well as public and commercial operations often neglect to consider alternatives to the standard shelf products with built-in applicators, according to Chapin International Inc. Given the current pressing need to clean and disinfect large areas regularly, these traditional choices are hardly the best as they make the process labor-intensive and cannot guarantee complete coverage. Fortunately, there is an alternative that is readily available for anyone shopping online or at local hardware or DIY retailers: backpack sprayers, which have proven their convenience and versatility.

Over more than a century, Chapin International Inc has been perfecting the art of manufacturing sprayers, consistently delivering top-quality products while also expanding the range of applications to meet new demand as it arises. One major advantage of the products created by the company is their versatility: while it manufactures sprayers for specific uses, it also offers models that can handle multiple jobs. “We have been consistently expanding our portfolio to ensure that customers can find just the right sprayer for their needs. These days, the backpack models have become a valuable sanitation tool for both homeowners and commercial operators as this type of sprayers make it possible to achieve consistent coverage with disinfectant solutions, thus ensuring proper surface cleanliness and limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses,” says the team of Chapin International Inc.

Most backpack sprayers have the advantage of being manufactured to withstand industrial-grade chemicals, cleaners, and bleach solutions. Moreover, they are equipped with an adjustable nozzle, making it possible to spray a fine mist, a coarse stream, or anything in between depending on the required manner of applying the chemical in use. Chapin International Inc adds, “Sprayers offer different types of seals based on the application. Our extensive inventory includes sprayers made for bleach, such as the 20075 bleach sprayer and the 61575 bleach backpack sprayer. When it comes to disinfecting large areas, the best options are battery-operated and compressor-charged models.” As with any chemical, Chapin International Inc. urges users to read and understand the chemical manufacturer’s instructions and warnings before use, as well as those in the sprayer instruction sheet.

Chapin International Inc traces its roots back to the 1880s, when it started as a hardware store in Oakfield, New York. By 1903, the company had moved its operations to nearby Batavia and was producing compressed air and hand sprayers, rapidly growing its business as customers came to appreciate the high quality and versatility of its products. Today, it is the only manufacturer of metal compressed air sprayers to offer a 12-step, computer-controlled Tri-Poxy® coating process, resulting in corrosion and rust inhibition on all interior seams, welds, crevices, bottoms, and walls. Driven by a mission to build upon its long history of manufacturing excellence, Chapin International Inc aims to become a market leader in the retail and industrial sprayers and spreaders space through a relentless focus on innovative engineering, new technology, and continuous improvement.

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