16000 Series Pumps: Disassembly and Lubrication

Models that contain a 301804 pump assembly: 16100, 16200


  1. There are two notches, one on each side of the pump, right above the threads.
  2. Using a flat headed screwdriver, push the tab in each of those notches until you can pry the pump plug out.
  3. Once you have pried the pump plug out, the barrel and collar will slide right off the handle/rod assembly giving you access to the o-ring at the bottom of the plunger rod.

    1. Check underneath bottom valve and make sure is clean and free of debris. 
    2. If the bottom valve is deformed, cracked or warped it will cause the liquid product to back up into the pump assembly.
    3. Be sure to replace the bottom valve once you have determined it is still in good working order.
    4. Next pull the pump apart by pushing the two locking tabs on either side of the pump in and up. You will want to push those tabs in and up with a screwdriver. Once released, pull the pump assembly out.
    5. Now check your plunger “O” ring by pulling the “O” ring off & inspect it for cracking, splitting or warping. If the ring looks OK then re-lubricate it with Vaseline or grease.
    6. Slide plunger back into the pump housing, line up the two side tabs and when you hear them click that is your indication that it is now secure.
    7. Inspect pump seal that goes to the tank, if it looks OK again apply some grease or Vaseline around the seal, realign the tabs with the collar slots and snap back into place.