Chapin Battery Backpack Sprayer Troubleshooting

Models: All Chapin battery-operated backpack sprayers

Checking the Wire Connections

  • Make sure the tank is empty and not pressurized
  • Loosen the bolt in the front of the sprayer
  • Slowly pull down the switch housing
  • When the wires are visible, make sure they are connected near the pump and at the switch
  • Once verified the wires are properly connected, reattach the housing to the tank in the same manner the housing was removed

Cleaning Your Filters

There are two (2) filters that need to be cleaned regularly. The first filter is located in the body of the shut off assembly. The shut off assembly is the handle with the red grip and trigger that is squeezed to create the spray. The second filter is in the tank, next to the pump.

Shut Off Assembly Filter

  • Unthread the shut off assembly from the hose
  • In the body of the handle is a white filter
  • Remove the filter and soak in warm soapy water to clean any debris or chemical residue
  • Once cleaned, this filter reattaches the handle to the hose

In Tank Filter

  • Looking inside the tank from above, there is a black stick with a finger hole
  • Pull this stick straight up
  • Soak the filter in warm soapy water to clean up any debris or chemical residue
  • Once cleaned, slide the filter back into place alongside of the pump

    STEP 3
    Priming your Pump

    • Fill the tank at least three-quarters (¾) full with water
    • Make sure the pump cylinder is completely submerged
    • Let the water sit in the tank for a few hours (2-3 hours)
    • Once the unit has sat for that amount of time, turn the switch to the “On” position
      • “l” indicates the on position
      • “0” indicates the off position
    • With the switch turned on, place a rubber band around the trigger of the shut off assembly to hold the trigger open (as if spraying)
    • Let the unit run for 12-15 minutes
    NOTE: The spray may not come out right away as the pump may run but it may not build pressure. This is acceptable and part of the priming steps. 
    • A strong stream should be released at the 12-15 minute mark
    • The unit is now cleaned and primed and ready for use

    If these steps do not fix the problem, please contact Technical Support.

    1-800-444-3140, option 1