My Chapin Battery Backpack Will Not Turn On!

Models: All Chapin battery-operated backpack sprayers


  • Did I check the battery and charger?
  • What color lights are showing?
  • Did I hear the battery click into place when I attached the battery to my unit?
NOTE: This is important as the battery was not snapped fully into place and therefore wouldn’t work properly.
  • Do I hear the motor running after I turned on my unit?
  • Did I try squeezing the trigger on the shut-off even if I don’t hear the motor running?
NOTE: If the pump is already pressurized, you may not hear the motor run at all.
  • Do I feel comfortable checking wires?
  • If I do feel comfortable, do the wires appear to be corroded and are they connected to the pump and to the switch?


24 Volt Battery

This battery has 4 lights on the battery itself. One light will always be red. This does not indicate a bad battery. The light patterns are as followed:

3 Green & 1 Red Fully charged
2 Green & 1 Red Half charged
1 Green & 1 Red Needs to be charged
No lights Bad battery
  • 4 lights are located on the battery
  • 1 light will always be red and does not indicate a bad battery

    20 Volt Battery

    Flashing green light Charging 
    Solid green light Charged
    Solid red light Defective battery


    • Light indicator is located on the battery charger


    Proper Storage for Both Batteries

    • Store the battery on the charger at all times
    • The charger will automatically continue to charge the battery
      • Once the battery is fully charged, the charger will stop
      • The charger will turn on when it senses the lithium is draining out of the battery
    • Do not leave the battery inside the unit
      • The battery will drain and will not be able to be recharged until it’s placed back in the charger