Chapin 4702 HydroFeed 32-Ounce In-Line Auto-Mix Fertilizer Injector System


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The Chapin HydroFeed fertilizer injector is a patent-pending design filled with features for use with drip irrigation, sprinkler, soaker hose and direct hose spray applications. Great way to conserve water and still have a lush, green, well-fed landscape or garden.
Different than a Hose-end Sprayer
HydroFeed works differently than a standard hose-end sprayer. A standard hose-end sprayer pulls the chemical up and out, emptying the tank. HydroFeed adds water back into the tank as your chemical is being pulled out. Because your chemical has a higher density than water, it sits on the bottom of the tank. Our outlet tube reaches the bottom of the tank so when clean water is being added to the tank, it stays on top of your chemical mix. You don’t have to worry about your chemical being diluted as it’s being fed through the outlet tube. This is why the tank turns clear after your chemical runs out.

  • 32-ounce clear tank
  • Funnel-shaped head for easy filling and monitoring usage
  • Ideal for liquid fertilizer
  • Adjustable connection elbow lets tank mount to any hose spigot
  • Large opening with O-ring for leak-free operation
  • Rigid inlet tube with filter for debris-free mixing
  • Drain plug with valve to quickly empty the tank after each use

Applications: Wettable Powders, Fertilizers


Chapin Product Manual graphic - red book with Product Manual

Chapin 4702 Product Manual


Tips & Maintenance Videos

Technical Specs

Model Number 4702
Tank Size .25-Gallon
Tank Mouth Opening 3-inches
Tank Construction Poly
Warranty 1-Year Limited
Spray/Flow Rate (GPM) Based on Water Pressure Rated at 40PSI
Filters In-Tank
Shipping Weight In Pounds 1.9
Item Weight In Pounds 1.4
PSI - Operating Pressure Based on Water Pressure Rated at 40 PSI
Package Dim. In. (LxWxH)
Item Dim. In. (LxWxH)
Seal Material