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Chapin 6-7782 4-Nozzle Poly Boom Wand


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  • 4 nozzle boom assembly

Technical Specs

Model Number 6-7782

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5 foot boom arm.

The boom arm din't come with any instructions on how to mount it. It also didn't explain how to hook it up to your sprayer. I have the 25 gallon tank for water, and the tank has a 2 gallon tank on top to put in the chemical. It is nice that you can just put water in the big tank, and the chemical in a separate 2 gallon tank. I bought the five foot boom with completely no instructions how to hook it up to pump. Also I guess you have to get some string to tie to four-wheeler to hold the boom. OI haven't figured how to connect to boom with hose, and then to the pump. So I am just guessing. The best thing Chapin could do for the customer is put a set of instructions in the pack with the boom. Not happy so far, but will figure this out. Thanks Charles


Hi, the 6-7782 4-nozzle Poly Boom will attach to the wand on your Mix on Exit ATV sprayer. We do offer alternative booms such as our 2-Nozzle Boom that includes the hose to attach to the boom/spot spray connection near the pump assembly. If you give our Technical Customer Service Team at 800-444-3140 and reference this review, they will assist you by recommending a boom that will best suit your needs. Thank you for your comments and for your business, we appreciate it.