8740A: Hand Salt Shaker

Keep your sidewalks, steps and small areas clean in the winter.

Our 8740A hand salt shaker features a scoop-to-fill design with multiple openings to apply large and small particulates. This model can be used year-round with fertilizers and grass seeds as well as ice melt. 
  • Easily scoop-to-fill design
  • Wide tank opening and screw top to fill easily
  • Multiple openings to apply large and small particulate
    • Wide-slot opening for uneven or extra large pellets
    • Small opening for ice melt, fertilizers and smaller pellets
    • Large opening for ice melt, salt, seeds, fertilizers and larger pellets
  • Ideal for steps, sidewalks and small areas
  • Compact size to fit on a shelf or in a vehicle
  • For use with ice melt, fertilizer, grass seed and most pelletized products
  • Handle designed to accommodate small and large hands, with our without gloves
  • Rock salt is not recommended with this model

Applications: pretreat and de-ice solutions

Easy scoop design Wide tank opening Small opening Large opening Wide opening