Mixes on Exit (M.O.E.) Sprayers

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Separate water and concentrate tanks mean no more messy and wasteful premixing of chemicals – and your water stays clean! Stop wasting water, chemical concentrate and time with Mixes on Exit™, the clean tank spraying system from Chapin.

The water tank is completely separate from the concentrate tank, and it only mixes when you're applying your chemical. It's designed around two tanks – a main water tank and a concentrate tank. On our ATV/UTV units, the pump easily connects to your ATV/UTV/Lawn Tractor battery. The included lockable poly shut-off and wand provide versatile, adjustable spraying on the go. A simple Mix Valve control allows you to adjust the concentrate from 1 to 15 ounces per gallon. Its quick connect feature is an added benefit that makes changing the concentrate tanks quick and efficient. Additional concentrate tanks are available and sold separately. You can swap your chemicals out on the fly when you’re on the job. 


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